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  • HES Fall 2013

    HES Fall 2013

    Welcome back to the new school year HESers! Be sure to join us on our meetings on Wednesdays at 240 Bechtel at 6pm! Remember, our meetings are every other week so our upcoming meeting is on October 16th which will be the Date Auction! See you there! And as always, free food provided!

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  • YES Day

    YES Day

    YES Day! On YES Day, bay area middle and high school students spend a fun and eventful day at UC Berkeley for the annual Young Engineers and Scientists Conference, hosted by the Hispanic Engineers and Scientists. This conference exposes students to the various engineering disciplines through workshops and lab tours.

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  • HES Study Hours

    HES Study Hours

    Hello HESers! This year we will be having HES study hours on Thursdays from 6pm to 12am in Stephens Hall so be sure to stop by and work on homework, meet other HES members or simply say hello! Hope to see you all there!

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  • Bridges Graduate School Tour 2014

    Bridges Graduate School Tour 2014

    Hello HESers! Are you a Junior or Senior planning on attending Graduate school? Apply to the bridges  <a href=””>bridges Graduate School Tour 2014</a>.

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  • Engineers and Junk Hauling in Berkeley

    Students who go on to be engineers can be involved in designing businesses and services that make a huge impact on communities. Some very smart and talented people have designed a service for fast haul junk removal in Berkeley that is efficient and cost effective for individuals. Having a background in engineering and sciences helps people develop an objective view that helps in the business world.

  • Mechanical Engineers and Embroidery Machines

    Being an engineering major means that you have a wide range of opportunities for careers and employment. Electrical engineers have many options from designing new products to managing power grids. Mechanical engineers might work on large industrial machines or maybe even something smaller like commercial embroidery machines, making them more efficient and environmentally friendly.

  • Students can Design Laser Products

    Berkeley engineering students who are getting closer to graduation might be starting to think about employment. It might be a good idea to think about going into a field where you already have experience. If you have spent a good amount of time doing experiments with a broad range of laser tools, you might have the opportunity to work for a company that lasers and laser-based products.